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seriously why does nobody care about the fact that these sailer warriors and sailor jupiter are men when unmorphed/ untransformed?

i know they are men and would love boobies, but why wasnt there atleast one, JUST ONE EPISODE where their had their first transformation. i dont say they should make them wusses or something, but JEESH turing from a metro man to a fully fletched woman with all part working in ….how ever long the trans seqence is…  must be a freaking expirience.

Wait, WHAT?

Where did you get that Sailor Jupiter was a guy?

I can understand if you meant Sailor Uranus, because yeah, she was pretty manly, but neither she nor Jupiter were dudes at any point.

While Jupiter does have some kind of manly traits to her life, she still wears skirts, cooks, makes arts and crafts, and loves shopping. She grew up needing to take on bits of both gender roles since she lost her parents at a young age.

While Uranus’ body shape is drawn a bit more masculinely in her civilian form, she is still female. Typically, she leans more towards androgyny than she does masculinity, as she does still wear female clothes in the manga on occasion. One thing Neptune said in the manga that I vividly remember reading, was that Uranus “has the strengths and personalities of both genders.”

As for the Starlights, they were also typically female. In the manga, they were cross-dressers in much the same way as Uranus. They just were more dedicated to looking like dudes to keep up their disguises while they searched for their princess. In the anime, while they do have male bodies as civilians, it’s hinted that these bodies are magical disguises for their time on earth, much like when Zelda disguised herself a Shiek.

Plus, Naoko Takeuchi wasn’t a fan of the “gender swapping” thing they did for the anime. It directly contradicted her rule that only females can be Sailor Senshi. It’s not clear why they did it, since a lot of countries had issues dubbing them because of not wanting to confuse their audiences. One country even had the boys from the 3 Lights summoning their female twin sisters to do battle!

Sorry, got off on a bit of a Sailor Moon tangent there.

ok i might switchted up names by jupiter and uranus. hell its been  i think 15 years since i saw it the last time. well i mean the blonde dude/chick.

still both uranus or who ever and the starlight had male bodies in the transformation as far as i can remember.

but why the hell are jsut “women” allowed to henshin? Isn´t genderswap a not unusual thing in manga/anime regardless of targeted audience?

could brought alot more  thoughtful stuff to the show then just the permanent battle against evil. sure it would be wacky like most slice of life parts of the story but it would interesting.

and something else:

GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE momi-chan-sama responded to my reblogg *hyperventilates*

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