Anonym asked:

kudu pick between kezza and dragon magic

inquestleaderkudu answered:

Hmmm….Tough Decision. Dragon Magic To become powerful or Kezza….

I Choose kezza, who needs dragon magic anyways?














I seem to recall a very different answer to that question.



s-say it ain’t so


It’s Not what it looks like Kezza!


how could you do this to me kudu

Kezza im still with you! Don’t Cry!

Then who is that with the long ears and mask with the pretty eyes and spots?

Is that what you like? Spots?? HERE HAVE SOME SPOTS



majortechcat who are you and why do you sabotage our red and black love this way


I Master Kudu’s true pet! Mayhaps he has less interest in you for the miniscule appendages you refer to as “ears”.

[[Don’t mind me, I’m just extrapolating the shit out of the RP’s inquestleaderkudu and I have been having. XD I mean no malice to you personally, but Corrupted!Geife is mighty possessive! I just saw an opportunity and am RUNNING WITH IT.)


Excuse me what did you just say? I was busy commending your cosmetic surgeon on the most comical case of balloon ears I’ve ever seen.

[[xD I would draw my replies but I don’t have my tablet so I’m making do!]]


Hmph! Petty squabbling over the superiority of my ears lends nothing to the case of what you have contributed to Master Kudu’s research! I, for one, have given myself wholly to Master Kudu’s facilitations of draconic energy. The results have been quite promising and it has established me a quite a valuable asset.

What have you done for him lately?

ladies LADIES; AND GENIUSES, it´s not just the size of the the ears that matter. it´s how you can use it depanding on each size to full effect.

anyway macra has best ears anyway.









This is what pisses me off about Tumblr. You all say you’re so accepting and you don’t want to offend anyone, but then thousands of people reblog something like this because Christians aren’t the minority. You wouldn’t want to offend a Muslim, and if this were offensive to them or another minority, there’d be so many comments about it. But everyone is completely fine with offending a non minority. “You’re not oppressed, you can’t talk!” You know what? I’m a Christian and this offends me and my faith, but nobody’s going to care about that because I’m not oppressed. Tumblr is hypocritical and that needs to stop.

Amen to the comment

Oh my precious lambs:

Examine why you are being offended. Because this is literally how a sunset works. There is not room for debate on this question. There is less room for debate on this than there is on just about any other thing. We are not reblogging because Christians aren’t the minority, dear ones. We are reblogging because after the debate a few days ago, creationists were given the opportunity to pose a question for non-creationists. One of these questions was:

"How can you explain a sunset if their is no god?" (sp.)

Questions, we assume, are posed so that someone might answer them. And yes, there is an answer of how exactly one can explain a sunset given the absence of a divine force. Now, you can certainly posit that God is the creator of all things and so all things came from him including the sun and light refraction and anthrax and kittens and famine and all that jazz.

But you don’t get to deny that THIS IS HOW A SUNSET WORKS, and of the necessary elements of this equation (Sun + Atmosphere + Angle = Sunset), God is not one of them. That’s because everything else is an observable phenomenon, and God is not. You can explain a sunset without God. You can go ahead and believe that God’s part of it all. That’s cool. Lots of people believe stuff like that, and I encourage you to delve into the ways that people make science and their faith jive. But if you are offended by being shown the basic scientific principals behind a sunset, you must be offended by damn near everything. And that seems exhausting. 

In short:

People getting butthurt over science, fucking love it.

"Stop teaching science, it offends me" 

Yeah, (most) science is true, but it is only true because of God. Yes, this is how a sunset works. But it wouldn’t have to happen. There doesn’t need to be a scientific explanation for it at all! In fact, God could suddenly decide, ya know what, I’m gonna change how a sunset works and all of you scientist would be so messed up and you would have to find a different way to explain what happened. I am not offended by this because I accept that people believe what they want. Do I agree? No! But I’m not gonna be a bible thumper. However, it is true on what was said about other religions and what not. If this brought down Muslims or something everyone would be mad. But because it is Christians, it’s all okay! I just think everyone needs to think about that a moment. Why is it okay to make fun of one religion, and not another?

uhm NO god wouldn´t be to change because of something that is even in the bible: ” god is infallible.”

this little sentence this little godly law break you entire argument.

assuming god exists and created the law of physic and astrology, then he created them as absolute. he created the univers capable to run on its own without devine intervention.

IF he wouldnow intervene, then he would proof ONE thing: that he was wrong about his decision tomake the sunset work like that.

He would proof that he can be wrong.

and if he does exist this would have other implications, like THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ENITRE UNIVERSE IN THE INSTANT OF AN BLINK OF AN EYE.

and only that so that you pricks can put their hand on each side of the head, wave themand sing “NA NA NA NAAAAA NAAAAA”

also we are  not attacking the religion, we are attacking sutpidity. YOUR stupidity and those of everyone who gets offended by LAWS that YOUR fucking god ( if he exists) created, only because you are fucking morons.

and no, we WOUDL do the same thing with muslims, jewish and hindus, if their world view was as idiotic and moronic as yours. Buddhists not somuch because their religion focuses more on selfforfillment and entering nirvana then claiming false lies about the word to rule it. which christinaity and islam did since their conception and corruption by mankind.

Faith i not the problem its the religious organisations, since they are nothing but group of men and women lusting for power over other, forcing their beliefs on others and those who disagree.

you are one of those people.  you have no right to be offended and feel opressed sicne you ARE the opressor.

so please be so kind and piss of.